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Product information
Great care is taken in creating Sharon Meyer Jewelry using hand selected, high quality materials and hand craftsmanship. Many necklaces and bracelets are knotted on silk which is both strong and supple but not indestructible. Necklaces and bracelets strung on silk or other materials should not be exposed to water or liquid cleaning solutions of any kind, so please don’t wear your pearls in the shower! Also, using the wrong cleaning solution on stone and metal jewelry can damage or destroy your precious stones and jewelry so before cleaning any jewelry, please confirm that the cleaning solution is compatible with what you want to clean. Opals, emeralds, and porous stones are especially susceptible to chemical damage. Strung jewelry, like a pearl necklace should be restrung from time to time to reduce the chance of breakage and to keep your jewelry looking its best. Sharon Meyer Jewelry knots pearls and other beaded work wherever possible to minimize the chance that beads or pearls will be lost should your beaded jewelry break. If you have questions about maintenance or repair of your Sharon Meyer Jewelry, simply contact us at Attach a photo or two and we will get right back to you with advice, or recommendations. Sharon Meyer Jewelry is handmade and can be altered, resized or reimagined. Commissioned designs and customized work can be arranged upon request. Our individualized design and manufacturing process means that if the one of a kind item you desire is no longer available, we will work with you on alternatives!
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